Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Proud of Our Girls

Morgan came bouncing out of tap class today. She was so excited because she was "crowned" Dancer of the Month in her class. An hour later, I walked into the studio to get Lauren and she was sitting down holding her crown in her hand. She was excited too...mostly because she got some candy! They both love dancing. Kevin and I were secretly hoping that they both would be crowned on the same day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Wonderful Night

Wednesday night was wonderful! We were invited to the Dinner of Champions put on by the National MS Society. Kevin was given the Living With Hope award and was asked to speak as well. Kevin did amazing. He was able to tell his "story" as well as entertain everyone with a few laughs.

The night was also made magical by the days leading up to it. Finding out that this was a black tie event was nerve-wrecking because neither Kevin or I had something to wear. Luckily we are very blessed and we were taken care of. A special thank you to my sisters, sister-in-law, and mom for dressing me! It is hard for me to accept the help, but I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness. What an amazing feeling it is to know you have family willing to go out of their way just for you. Kevin was dressed by an anonymous someone out there. We got a phone call from the local suit shop that someone wanted to buy Kevin a suit. WOW! A very humbling and unexpected phone call. How do you thank anonymous?

Our kids got in on the fun too. They were dispersed between family and good friends. What a relief to know your most cherished possessions are well taken care of. Thank you! They all had a lot of fun.

We were able to share the night with Kevin's grandma, parents, and brother and his wife. Kevin was on cloud nine to have the support of his family. It meant a lot to him. Thank you for being there.

Put everything together and how could it have ended up any different. How could all of this good come from something that started so bad. Kevin was diagnosed four and a half years ago. I still remember the moment Kevin told me he got the results from the doctor. I remember sitting on Kevin's lap in our living room and both of us just sobbing. This "trial" ended up trickling off into many other parts of our lives resulting in various other trials. We have endured many frustrating, difficult, and sad times. I hear people say that they are thankful for their trials and I just can't...but I can't believe how many times and how many ways we have been blessed because of them. What a wonderful night we had! What wonderful friends and family we have! Thank you!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


So, Marolyn and I were called as the "Activities Committee" for our ward. After the pain-staking process of 100 surveys and hours of heavy construction...we came up with something that may just be the coolest thing ever for a ward party. ETERNAL FAMILY FEUD.