Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adelyn, Adelyn, Adelyn

Adelyn loves to draw on post-its. It is common for me to reach into the drawer to write something down and not find a blank post-it. Recently, her drawings have started to take more shape. She loves to draw flowers. All of her pictures lately have been flowers until just a few days ago she brought me one and told me it was a picture of herself. I think she looks beautiful!

While I put Lily down for her nap today, I asked Adelyn to pick up all of the dress up clothes she had dumped out. She even had an incentive...Kevin rented the newest Dora movie for her. The deal was if she picked up the dress ups and accessories by the time I got Lily to sleep, she could watch Dora save the ice princess. As soon as Lily was asleep, I went into the playroom and the dress ups were still in a pile on the floor. I went downstairs, and then upstairs, and downstairs again. I couldn't find her anywhere! My heart started to race as I frantically ran through the house. I finally found her asleep under Morgan's bed. I was very relieved and surprised. I had to take a picture before I carefully scooted her out and put her on her bed. She just giggled later when I asked her why she was hiding under Morgan's bed!


Shea said...

I noticed you had a blog..your girls are beautiful & I love the post it drawings! We have a blog as well...


pfabulouspfun-der said...

So super cute...I love that girl!!!