Monday, November 17, 2008

The Cool Dancer

Morgan wanted to enter the reflections contest this year. Of course, she didn't want to do something simple. Rather, she wanted to write and star in a play. Follow closely, she plays both main parts. We had to bribe Lauren (at first), but she started getting excited as things came together. She told us she didn't care if she won or not, because she has a "pretty cool movie" and now she's famous. We are very proud of her. She wrote the story, analyzed the characters, created the play, re-wrote for the screenplay, and told her dad what to do while filming. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it.


Grandma Pfunder said...

Morgan, you are fabulous, and so is your co-star. Lauren was awesome too. Best movie We have seen in a long time. Look out Hannah Montana!

pfabulouspfun-der said...

That was great!!! Don't tell Bailey, we wouldn't let her do reflections because her book report wasn't done.

Jodi said...

Morgan, in the words of Lauren's character, "you are awesome and very talented. WOW."

Mallory Madsen said...

that was hilarious. i love how the classroom was yerr room. but i guess its okay. i prolly not the only one who noticed...maybe next time actually rent a room err something! :)

Mallory Madsen said...

btw. that last comment was all a joke pfunder. just wanted to clarify that. :D

Whitney Emma said...

Haha, loved it Pfunder.
May I ask who did the editing.
Yes i know your game.
I can never look at another Yearbook DVD editing program ever again.
But your girls were adorable.
Jess and I want to come visit,
She needs to bring her guitar & I'll bring your coke bottle.
-- Edddy.