Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Morgan turned seven yesterday. She loves Reeses peanut butter cups so I found a yummy recipe and made my first cake from scratch. She loved it! We had such a fun day with her. I had several "mom-moments" (I cried) as I paid closer attention to her throughout the day. She amazes me with her tenderness, her intelligence, her happiness, her humor, and her confidence.


Hayley Winslow said...

You cried? You big baby! JK I do the same thing. Why was this emotion chip build into us? Well, good job on the cake and the b-day. I hope it went well!!

Danielle said...

Oh what a sweet girl you have. I can't believe how your girls have grown. So I found your blog. Send me your email and I will get you an invite. Take care!!

Grandma Pfunder said...

Wish we could have been there!
Morgan knows that my favorite candy is Reeses. I bet that cake was so good! Glad you all had a fun day. Beautiful girls!