Saturday, August 22, 2009


For all those out there that think our house is always spotless, here is proof that isn't true! This wasn't just a one day mess. Our playroom has looked like this for a couple of weeks now and it really is a lot worse than it looks in the picture. There are several reasons...the number one is sitting on the right and number two is actually my fault. The room needs serious organizing/de-junking and I have been putting it off. Lily fell and got hurt on Friday, so the pressure is on to get to it done. I have to do it before Kevin does or there won't be anything left!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lauren and Morgan started school last week. I walked Lauren to class first. I asked if I could take a picture of her by her desk. She gave me a look and said my name like I was asking something so horribly embarrassing. It hit me...she isn't little anymore. I started getting choked up, gave her a quick hug, and left. She didn't even care. Morgan was next. She let me take her picture by her desk. Apparently, it is still okay for third graders! We unloaded all of her school supplies and got her settled. She let me hug her several times! As I left, we were both a little teary eyed. My tears were for my girls. However, I don't think any of Morgan's tears were for me. Her best little friend moved and she is lost at school without her. I miss my girls while they are at school. I wouldn't mind at all having a much longer summer vacation!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She's 2!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here is Lily with messy hair and all. She loves dresses because you are instantly a princess when you put on a dress. She loves the dress Aunt Jodi made for her, especially the pockets!

Lauren is just about to the end of her softball season. She has learned a lot and Kevin has too. He started out just being a cheerleader and now is the assistant coach. They both have had a great time.

Morgan is enjoying softball too. She has an amazing coach. He has really worked with her and is very patient. Kevin helps with her team too, but isn't very patient! Morgan invited her awesome school teacher to a game, she came and made Morgan's night even though she had a rough game.

Lauren had her tap performance. She got up on the stage in front of 900 people and performed the entire dance with a smile on her face. She has come a long way!!!

The next night Morgan had her ballet performance. She is one that never has been afraid of performing on stage, but she was pretty nervous that night. She still did great!

Adelyn had her first ballet performance. The stage was lined with little 3 and 4 year olds in pink tutus. It was very cute!

It is tradition that the dads go up and get the little ballerinas off of the stage and give them flowers. Adelyn was thrilled with the flowers!

Our girls had a special audience. Two of their aunts and some cousins came down to visit. The girls enjoyed having them come to their dance performances and had fun swimming and playing with them. It was so much fun to have them visit and we had a great time!

Adelyn turned four on Friday. She helped plan out the day and one of her first requests was to go to work with her dad. Being the last day of school, it worked out great. She spent time with her dad, watched a basketball game with some students, and signed yearbooks. She loved it!

She wanted to go to lunch at McDonalds and eat inside. Kevin was done with school so he was able to go with us.

At first, she wanted a Chad cake(from High School Musical), then a Care Bear cake, but her final request was a rainbow. She is afraid of fire, but did a lot better this year when we lit the candles. She enjoyed blowing them out!

Her Nana & Papa came up from New Mexico for the weekend and surprised her. She was very excited, especially when she found out that they were going to stay for a couple of days. We all went to Pirate Island Pizza for dinner. By this time, she was exhausted and was afraid of the pretend fire, but still had a great time. She played with balloons, opened her cards and presents, played a few games, talked with family on the phone, had visits from a couple of her friends, and just had a wonderful day!

The girls had a great weekend with their Nana & Papa (or if you ask Lily...Papa & Papa). We went over to Dixie rock and explored for awhile. The girls really enjoyed having their grandparents with them.

Lauren loves Dixie rock. Papa and Lauren went on higher than the rest of us. Lauren was all smiles!

Adelyn loved the lizards and really enjoyed crawling through this hole! The girls loved the extra attention. Hopefully, grandpa and grandma had as much fun as we did!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pfamily Update

Here goes...

Lauren has started her visits to the orthodontist. We got a phone call saying she had to have a tooth extracted. That night she came down about half an hour after I tucked her in bed. She had a tooth in her hand. It had been loose and so she pulled it out hoping that it was the one that they were going to have to extract. Unfortunately, it wasn't and she was very disappointed. She did survive and is ready now for the next step. The orthodontist said the two of them were going to become good friends over the next few years!

Lauren ran the 50 and 100 meter at her school's field day and loved it. She complained about last year's field day for months, so it was a relief that she had so much fun this year.

Lauren loves science. She did a science project on weather predictions and won 1st place in the 4th grade division. She had fun posing for the picture!

Morgan had her 2nd grade program on life cycles. She played the part of a biologist and was a very cute one. Her teacher has set the goal for each student to read 3,000 minutes by the end of the school year. However, if you read 5,000 minutes you get to join the elite "High Flyers Club." (Her classroom has an airplane theme.) Morgan needs about 800 more minutes and is very determined to get there.

Adelyn has been spending a lot of her time jumping on the trampoline, drawing pictures with markers, and practicing her ABC's. She likes to pick out her clothes, wear ribbons in her hair, and put on lip gloss. She is a very happy loving little girl. And the penny is out! After many weeks, Kevin called off the search. We had another x-ray today and it is out.

This picture describes Lily well. She enjoys dressing up, playing with dolls, and most of all she loves playing outside. Even more than playing outside though, she loves Dora. We have Dora books, puzzles, dishes, toys, pajamas, and a few movies all left over from Morgan's Dora years. Lily has been happy to take over and loves every minute.

Then there was the MS Walk. Every year the girls ask if Max can come too. We gave in and yes he even wore a Pfunder Pfighters shirt.

Kevin has been swamped with work and life. It has been a chaotic few weeks as usual, just like everyone else I assume. It has been one of those times I wished we lived closer to family for support and for a little help too. All of you out there that have family close by, enjoy it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Are Family

There is nothing like a bunch of cousins spending the weekend together: Jumping on the trampoline, having picnics, going to the park, coloring with sidewalk chalk, eating good food, celebrating a birthday, playing Guitar Hero, and one of Adelyn's favorites...having her picture taken.

I asked Kevin what the highlight of the weekend was for him. He said it was between giving Elliot a haircut (just because) or "The Guitar Hero Showdown" (if only Aidan could dance like his Aunt Juli) or being snapped at when he offered to hold Jodi's camera!

It was a fun weekend! We just hope we don't have to wait too long to get together again.

P.S. Still no penny!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not famous yet.

This summer Tuacahn is performing the musical Annie. The beginning of February, Morgan auditioned for a part. She got a call back and was thrilled to go for a second audition. She loves to perform. I think it is obvious what parent she gets that from! She has been patiently waiting for the last month to hear if she got a part. This evening we got an email saying that she didn’t get a part. Needless to say, she went to bed with red swollen eyes tonight.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chalk art

We were admiring the girls sidewalk art today and noticed Adelyn had written her name all over the patio. We don't know who is more proud her or us!

She did take a break for a minute to draw this bus. Oh, I mean bis.

We had to laugh when we noticed the warning by the ladder to the trampoline. The girls love to jump, but every spring they refuse...when the bees (and pollen) come out! Funny girls!

PENNY UPDATE: Still no penny. That is right, every time she has pooped in the last two and a half weeks we have looked for the penny without success. It is great. According to her it is already out. A couple days ago, we were checking out at the grocery store and she looked down on the ground by her feet and there was a penny. She was so excited and told us that her penny came out. If only it were true!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't know the number...

Today while Lily was taking a nap, Adelyn and I were sitting at the kitchen counter together. Ade was drawing a picture of her and "her ladies." She was being cute. She drew a little person and said, "Look a lower case person." I had some change out and she asked if she could have the pennies. She loves to collect change and put it in her piggy bank, so I let her have the pennies. She asked me to help her count the pennies. I looked and there were only four, so I told her I knew she could count them without help. She said she couldn't. I moved one toward her and asked her how to start. She said, "Five." I laughed and asked again. This time she said, "W." I laughed again and then she looked at me and smiled a great big smile. It was just a nice afternoon. Lily woke up and colored with us for a few minutes. Kevin called and said he was going to come home for a few minutes because he had a meeting at 4:00 and another at 6:00. I was excited. Ade and Lily were running around playing together being silly. The next thing I knew Ade was coughing and choking. I ran to her just as a penny flew out of her mouth. I could tell there were more. I was frantically asking her if she could breathe and yelling to Kevin on the phone. She calmed down and told me she needed to throw up. She threw up and the strawberries she had for lunch had me scared to death for a minute. Anyway, the x-ray shows just one penny. The doctor asked her how many she swallowed and she told him the same thing she told me, "I don't know the number." She had four to start she coughed out and one is in her stomach. We can't find the other two anywhere! I just want to find them before Lily does. She used to be the only one that I would worry about putting money in her mouth!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now she'll be famous...

In November, Morgan entered the Reflections Contest at school. She made an elephant out of clay and wrote a play, “The Cool Dancer.” Both of her entries won and she was very proud of her two blue ribbons.

Her projects then went on to compete at the district level. Her theatre piece won again and she got her first trophy ever!

This past week we found out that she won at the regional competition and her project advances to compete at State. She is so excited. Mostly because this is one step closer to what she really wants…to be famous!