Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I don't know the number...

Today while Lily was taking a nap, Adelyn and I were sitting at the kitchen counter together. Ade was drawing a picture of her and "her ladies." She was being cute. She drew a little person and said, "Look a lower case person." I had some change out and she asked if she could have the pennies. She loves to collect change and put it in her piggy bank, so I let her have the pennies. She asked me to help her count the pennies. I looked and there were only four, so I told her I knew she could count them without help. She said she couldn't. I moved one toward her and asked her how to start. She said, "Five." I laughed and asked again. This time she said, "W." I laughed again and then she looked at me and smiled a great big smile. It was just a nice afternoon. Lily woke up and colored with us for a few minutes. Kevin called and said he was going to come home for a few minutes because he had a meeting at 4:00 and another at 6:00. I was excited. Ade and Lily were running around playing together being silly. The next thing I knew Ade was coughing and choking. I ran to her just as a penny flew out of her mouth. I could tell there were more. I was frantically asking her if she could breathe and yelling to Kevin on the phone. She calmed down and told me she needed to throw up. She threw up and the strawberries she had for lunch had me scared to death for a minute. Anyway, the x-ray shows just one penny. The doctor asked her how many she swallowed and she told him the same thing she told me, "I don't know the number." She had four to start with...one she coughed out and one is in her stomach. We can't find the other two anywhere! I just want to find them before Lily does. She used to be the only one that I would worry about putting money in her mouth!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now she'll be famous...

In November, Morgan entered the Reflections Contest at school. She made an elephant out of clay and wrote a play, “The Cool Dancer.” Both of her entries won and she was very proud of her two blue ribbons.

Her projects then went on to compete at the district level. Her theatre piece won again and she got her first trophy ever!

This past week we found out that she won at the regional competition and her project advances to compete at State. She is so excited. Mostly because this is one step closer to what she really wants…to be famous!