Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chalk art

We were admiring the girls sidewalk art today and noticed Adelyn had written her name all over the patio. We don't know who is more proud her or us!

She did take a break for a minute to draw this bus. Oh, I mean bis.

We had to laugh when we noticed the warning by the ladder to the trampoline. The girls love to jump, but every spring they refuse...when the bees (and pollen) come out! Funny girls!

PENNY UPDATE: Still no penny. That is right, every time she has pooped in the last two and a half weeks we have looked for the penny without success. It is great. According to her it is already out. A couple days ago, we were checking out at the grocery store and she looked down on the ground by her feet and there was a penny. She was so excited and told us that her penny came out. If only it were true!


Rye said...

That is so funny! That would be great if it were that easy!! Makes you wonder where all the other coins on the ground come from!! :)

Grandma Pfunder said...

Good drawings Ade! You can sure write your name good. We Like the picture of the bus, especially Grandpa.
We hope the penny comes soon.