Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pfamily Update

Here goes...

Lauren has started her visits to the orthodontist. We got a phone call saying she had to have a tooth extracted. That night she came down about half an hour after I tucked her in bed. She had a tooth in her hand. It had been loose and so she pulled it out hoping that it was the one that they were going to have to extract. Unfortunately, it wasn't and she was very disappointed. She did survive and is ready now for the next step. The orthodontist said the two of them were going to become good friends over the next few years!

Lauren ran the 50 and 100 meter at her school's field day and loved it. She complained about last year's field day for months, so it was a relief that she had so much fun this year.

Lauren loves science. She did a science project on weather predictions and won 1st place in the 4th grade division. She had fun posing for the picture!

Morgan had her 2nd grade program on life cycles. She played the part of a biologist and was a very cute one. Her teacher has set the goal for each student to read 3,000 minutes by the end of the school year. However, if you read 5,000 minutes you get to join the elite "High Flyers Club." (Her classroom has an airplane theme.) Morgan needs about 800 more minutes and is very determined to get there.

Adelyn has been spending a lot of her time jumping on the trampoline, drawing pictures with markers, and practicing her ABC's. She likes to pick out her clothes, wear ribbons in her hair, and put on lip gloss. She is a very happy loving little girl. And the penny is out! After many weeks, Kevin called off the search. We had another x-ray today and it is out.

This picture describes Lily well. She enjoys dressing up, playing with dolls, and most of all she loves playing outside. Even more than playing outside though, she loves Dora. We have Dora books, puzzles, dishes, toys, pajamas, and a few movies all left over from Morgan's Dora years. Lily has been happy to take over and loves every minute.

Then there was the MS Walk. Every year the girls ask if Max can come too. We gave in and yes he even wore a Pfunder Pfighters shirt.

Kevin has been swamped with work and life. It has been a chaotic few weeks as usual, just like everyone else I assume. It has been one of those times I wished we lived closer to family for support and for a little help too. All of you out there that have family close by, enjoy it!


pfabulouspfun-der said...

I wish we were close by!!!

M. Harrison said...

Your update was great! Andrew will also get to spend time at the dentist in the next little bit, so you have our sympathy. He has already had 1 tooth "wiggled out" and they said he might have to have two more done, plus possibly a tissue transplant surgery to his lower gums. Do they really need to do this to a kid??? Your girls are all adorable and they look just like you Marolyn! Sorry Kevin. We love you guys...hang in there and know that others are thinking of you eventhough we can't be there.