Monday, May 25, 2009

Here is Lily with messy hair and all. She loves dresses because you are instantly a princess when you put on a dress. She loves the dress Aunt Jodi made for her, especially the pockets!

Lauren is just about to the end of her softball season. She has learned a lot and Kevin has too. He started out just being a cheerleader and now is the assistant coach. They both have had a great time.

Morgan is enjoying softball too. She has an amazing coach. He has really worked with her and is very patient. Kevin helps with her team too, but isn't very patient! Morgan invited her awesome school teacher to a game, she came and made Morgan's night even though she had a rough game.

Lauren had her tap performance. She got up on the stage in front of 900 people and performed the entire dance with a smile on her face. She has come a long way!!!

The next night Morgan had her ballet performance. She is one that never has been afraid of performing on stage, but she was pretty nervous that night. She still did great!

Adelyn had her first ballet performance. The stage was lined with little 3 and 4 year olds in pink tutus. It was very cute!

It is tradition that the dads go up and get the little ballerinas off of the stage and give them flowers. Adelyn was thrilled with the flowers!

Our girls had a special audience. Two of their aunts and some cousins came down to visit. The girls enjoyed having them come to their dance performances and had fun swimming and playing with them. It was so much fun to have them visit and we had a great time!

Adelyn turned four on Friday. She helped plan out the day and one of her first requests was to go to work with her dad. Being the last day of school, it worked out great. She spent time with her dad, watched a basketball game with some students, and signed yearbooks. She loved it!

She wanted to go to lunch at McDonalds and eat inside. Kevin was done with school so he was able to go with us.

At first, she wanted a Chad cake(from High School Musical), then a Care Bear cake, but her final request was a rainbow. She is afraid of fire, but did a lot better this year when we lit the candles. She enjoyed blowing them out!

Her Nana & Papa came up from New Mexico for the weekend and surprised her. She was very excited, especially when she found out that they were going to stay for a couple of days. We all went to Pirate Island Pizza for dinner. By this time, she was exhausted and was afraid of the pretend fire, but still had a great time. She played with balloons, opened her cards and presents, played a few games, talked with family on the phone, had visits from a couple of her friends, and just had a wonderful day!

The girls had a great weekend with their Nana & Papa (or if you ask Lily...Papa & Papa). We went over to Dixie rock and explored for awhile. The girls really enjoyed having their grandparents with them.

Lauren loves Dixie rock. Papa and Lauren went on higher than the rest of us. Lauren was all smiles!

Adelyn loved the lizards and really enjoyed crawling through this hole! The girls loved the extra attention. Hopefully, grandpa and grandma had as much fun as we did!


Hayley Winslow said...

Her birthday?!?! I knew it was coming up, but didn't realize it was so soon. I'm a bad friend. I hope they didn't get food poisoning from Mc D's like we did. Which McD's did they go to? Those of us that had nuggets were barfing. Hope they didn't get it! Looks like you have had fun. I need to call you. I have too much to say and don't think everyone who reads this will really care all that much.

M. Harrison said...

It looks like you guys are doing great. I can't believe how much Lauren looks like you Joe. You have been very busy...doesn't it make you miss our softball days? Does she play 1st base? Andrew is playing ball, but I'm really disappointed in how they are doing it here. I thought that they would put him with kids his age and skill level this year, but he will still be with the 4 and 5 year olds! I wish that I hadn't paid the $25 now. His brother is going to be on his team...that's just a little weird.

Kim said...

Hey guys! I can't believe how old your girls are getting! I found your blog link on Andy and Nadell's. Ours is if you want to see it. Anyway....looks like you are all doing great!

Rye said...

Your girls are cute as ever, of course. I am glad Ady had a good birthday. I can't believe Lauren danced in front of people! Our little Lauren is growing up!!