Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lauren and Morgan started school last week. I walked Lauren to class first. I asked if I could take a picture of her by her desk. She gave me a look and said my name like I was asking something so horribly embarrassing. It hit me...she isn't little anymore. I started getting choked up, gave her a quick hug, and left. She didn't even care. Morgan was next. She let me take her picture by her desk. Apparently, it is still okay for third graders! We unloaded all of her school supplies and got her settled. She let me hug her several times! As I left, we were both a little teary eyed. My tears were for my girls. However, I don't think any of Morgan's tears were for me. Her best little friend moved and she is lost at school without her. I miss my girls while they are at school. I wouldn't mind at all having a much longer summer vacation!


M. Harrison said...

Oh, what cute, cute, cute girls. Andrew and Steve start school the beginning of next week...Trevor unfortunately not, he has a late birthday. What a sad moment...realizing that your kids don't want you around anymore...or at least in public. Man we are old! I'm sure that Andrew will be doing that soon too...I guess I better soak up the cuddling/neediness while it lasts. :) Don't worry though, she still loves ya!